DIY   15. October 2018

DIY - fall decoration:

colourful paper leaf-garland


The best part of autumn are the warm colours, the trees are embracing the world with. Don't you think?

I love the fresh air at that time of the year, that makes me dream of hot chocolate and cuddly pillows.


Would you like to bring this comfy feeling to your home...than start crafting right away!


what you need:



colourful crafting paper





glues stick


Free Download


Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.4 KB


Firts print your leaf-pattern on a Din A4 paper.

Cut out each leaf of the pattern afterwards.


After this you draw the outlines of the leaf-pattern on you crafting paper.

Now you can cut them out as well.



Now you can think about how long your garland should be. Cut you cord as long as you wish.

The cord in the crafting sample is 1,5meters long.


After that you can fold the stem of the leaf at 1,5cm ---> dotted line on the pattern.



Put some clue on the End of the stems. Now you can stick them to the cord.

In an interval of around 10cm looks nice.



Now you just have to wait for the clue to dry out and you can hang this pretty garland to you wall.

Who is in for a hot chocolate now?



Have fun crafting!!