DIY   24. January 2018

DIY - easter decoration:

colourful paper easteregg-hanger


Together with Easter the spring is arriving very soon.

That's the time to bring some happy colours in your home, like this motley easter dekoration.

The best thing, you can do this pretty easter-hanger very easy yourself.


what you need:



colourful crafting paper






glues stick


Free Download


easteregg pattern.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 44.7 KB


first draw 4 rectangles ( measurements: 7 x 6cm = 2,36 x 2,75 zoll) on your crafting paper and cut them out.

So now you are holding the scissor in your hand anyway, you can cut the right length (14cm = 5,5 zoll) of the cord right away.


After this you can fold all 4 pieces of paper to the half straight line to the longest side.

Then putt on some glue full side of the first paper piece. Put the cord centered on top of it in a loop and press to fix it.




Afterwards you glue the second and third pieces of papers half folded on the left and on the right side of the first one, so that all the folded halfs meet in the center.


At the end you put again some glue on the full face of the last piece of paper and put it on the second and third paperparts. Now press everything tight together.

Almost done now!



If you haven't done it yet, you can now print the pattern for the easteregg and cut it out.

Put you construction flat on the table and draw the outlines of the pattern on on side. Now you can cut out your egg.

Be careful to not cut into the cord loop!



Now fold every edge apart and you are done.

Do a lot of this colourful eggs and let the spring move into your home.


Have fun crafting!!